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SEO Optimized Content [Infographics]
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How To Add Users In Google Ads and Analytics Accounts

If you have already created a business account with Google Ads and Analytics, here is a quick guide on how to add an admin to manage your accounts.

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Boost Your Websites Google Rankings – Important Ranking Factors

Google with 5 billion searches daily is the most popular search engine in the world. That is why it is important to look at the factors that would help you rank higher in search engines. While there is no official ranking factor list published by Google, based on the best industry knowledge I have put […]

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What is Google Ads and why is it important?

According to Statcounter, Google’s Search Engine Market share in 2019 is 92% Worldwide ? . Google is the main search engine in the world and is becoming more powerful every day. Google processes 5+ billion searches per day, 150+ billion searches per month. Google received about $136+ billion from Google Ads in 2018. About 50% […]

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10 Advantages of SEO Friendly Content for Startups

SEO for startups offers huge benefits that other tactics can’t match. When businesses have SEO-friendly content, they can position themselves for faster growth and success. Here are 10 benefits of SEO that truly give businesses a competitive advantage: It’s Cost-Effective When a Startup Is Low on Funds It Draws Traffic and Boosts Visibility The Long-Term […]

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