April 2, 2018

10 Advantages of SEO Friendly Content for Startups

SEO for startups offers huge benefits that other tactics can’t match. When businesses have SEO-friendly content, they can position themselves for faster growth and success.

Here are 10 benefits of SEO that truly give businesses a competitive advantage.

1. It’s Cost-Effective When a Startup Is Low on Funds

Many startup companies are strapped for cash. SEO, however, is a cheap way to build awareness.  Just by optimizing a site using relevant keywords, user-friendly design, and other top building blocks, a business can achieve organic reach on search engines without paying a dime on ads.

2. It Draws Traffic and Boosts Visibility

When done correctly, SEO helps a brand’s website rank on the SERPs (search engine result pages). Ranking is a great way to draw tons of traffic, which increases a site’s visibility. In short, a freshly-created brand name can become recognizable with SEO.

3. The Long-Term ROI Is Huge

Search engine optimized pages on a website continue to gain traction the longer they are on the web. Especially if they contain useful information that stays relevant long-term, these pages will keep drawing traffic and leads for a long time.

4. SEO-Friendly Content Keeps Brands Competitive

Most companies and brands use SEO these days because it works. If a startup isn’t doing it, they will inevitably lag behind their competition and miss out on the benefits.

5. It Grows Brand Authority

People trust Google. When Google lists a site on its first-page results, users automatically give it credence. The only way to get to page one? SEO.

6. It Puts a Business in Front of the Vast Internet-Using Population

More people than ever do their shopping and buying online. Research has consistently shown that as many as 81% of shoppers look online before making a local purchase. A company that uses SEO ensures those shoppers can find them.

7. It Leads to Leads

Startup brands that want more leads should turn to SEO.

With targeted, optimized content, businesses can draw in more leads searching for their exact type of products, services, or information.

8. It’s Not that Hard

The fundamentals at the core of SEO have to do with providing the best content and user experience for the intended audience. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t that hard to achieve. Startups are already halfway there when they put their customers first.

9. SEO and Inbound Marketing Are More Effective than Outbound Tactics

The truth is, most customers prefer inbound marketing like SEO. It makes sense that a strategy that focuses on organically pulling in an audience works better than intrusive advertising.

10. Startups Will Enjoy Extra Momentum

Businesses that are just starting up can use as much momentum as possible. Luckily, SEO gives it to them.

From saving money to boosting traffic, to establishing brand credibility, to getting more leads, it’s a sure-fire strategy to invest in the advantages of SEO for startups.

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