March 19, 2020

Local Website SEO Hacks 2020

Why focus on local SEO?

Local SEO helps your customers discover your business online using local keywords, such as “top real estate agent in Palo Alto.” This approach is best for businesses that serve a specific geographic area.

Many businesses still underestimate the power of local search tactics and end up missing out on additional monetization.

The advantage of local optimization is to stand out from your local competitors. This post will show you useful tips that will help you to get ahead.

Tips to Create Local SEO Content

By focusing on local-centric content such as local news, events, and service, you could narrow your marketing focus to reach your target market.

Before planning your content, do your research to understand who your target market is and what their interests are.

Here are some local content ideas you can associate your product or service to:
• Popular local events
• Local industry news and stories
• Answering local questions

On-page Optimization

When optimizing your website pages, first conduct a keyword search that best matches your product/service offering. Then using tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, analyze keywords’ “importance” and search volume. Typically using keywords with “Medium” search volume is the best for small or new businesses.

Here are other things to keep in mind when optimizing landing pages:
• Use your location address and directions
• Add local images and descriptions, reviews and comments
• Add keywords to your meta description, title, and headings.

Request your SEO expert to audit pages on your website to determine traffic sources and the popular keywords used to find your site. This step is crucial as it would help you to identify the topics to write about.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to tactics outside of your website. Here are some popular ones:

• Add your site to online directories to establish a presence in search engines and get quality backlinks. There is a log of free directories; the bottom line is to identify and add your business profile to as many quality directories as possible. Here is some example:

• Create business profiles on Google Business, Yahoo Business, Yelp Business, Facebook, and other social media profiles.


Since June 2019, Google implemented its mobile-first indexing for all new websites. Most of the searches online happen from mobile phones, and more than one-third of all searches are local.

And for a good reason:

● According to Search Engine Watch, 50% of mobile users are most likely to visit and purchase from a local business after they have conducted local research.
● Research done by Hubspot explains that 70% of mobile users expect site pages to load faster. That means a slow website will rank lower in Google search.



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