March 21, 2020

Digital Transformation During Coronavirus

On March 16th, California government officials announced “shelter in place” due to coronavirus. That news affected most of the businesses requiring a temporary closure of physical locations. Some of these businesses have no way of communicating with their customers online. 

While businesses are closing their doors, online sales are soaring by 50% and more. Large companies such as Amazon and Sephora experience longer delivery times due to high demand.  

Is your company ready for digital transformation?

It is not a simple task, but if done right, you could reduce time and increase profits.

To start, let’s examine the essential points in digital transformation. Here are some questions you need to keep in mind:

Understand how digital systems will affect your bottom line:

  • Do you want to allocate a budget to set up new systems?
  • Are you ready to educate yourself, your employees, and/or hire a third party to manage your transformation?
  • How can you improve your customer experience online?
  • How are you planning to measure the results and impact of your digital upgrade?

Understand your competitive landscape:

  • What technologies do your competitors use?
  • What functions in your company fall behind your competition?
  • What tasks can be advanced or automated using current technologies? How much time do you spend daily on repetitive tasks?

Create a comprehensive digital plan that includes essential digital systems to capture and nurture leads:

  • Create an online presence for your customers to find you online
  • Build a website that focuses on user experience and buying journey
  • Set-up cloud-based solutions that integrate with all of your systems enhancing productivity
  • Analyze your customer data to improve and optimize your website
  • Monitor your customers’ feedback on social media

Even in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, your business could prosper in the digital economy utilizing online opportunities. To find out how your business can make money online, contact us today for a free consultation.


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